Performance Tailored To Your Needs

Lacquer removal from rotary printing screen

AccuREIN is a high productive machine with its outstanding low operation cost and efficient energy consumption. The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the nickel screen totally clean and ready for re-use.

ACCUMECH’S technology has responded to the industry emerging requirements of stable and advanced water stripping system.

Minimum set-up times due to the flexible construction ensuring continual operation with minimal intervention.
Controlling system with self monitoring to ensures maximum effectiveness during operation.

Machine operating parameters easily adjustable.
Based on high-pressure water the system is effective without causing any wear or tear to the Ni Screens.

Purpose built from stainless steel and corrosive resistant material, the Rotary Screen stepping systems are designed to suit the individual needs of industries to an effective stripping and cleaning of
Ni screens.

AccuREIN system is simply based on high-pressure water, that is effective even for hard engraving lacquer.
AccuREIN water stripping machines are fully automatic designed to clean/restore print screens of all sizes. It is easy to operate and will leave the screen 100% clean in only 10-15 minutes.
AccuREIN improves productivity and increase the nickel screen lifetime. It does not require any chemical and cause no damage to worker’s health and sevice life of the screens.


AccuREIN cleaner from Accumech are fully automatic screen cleaners designed to clean/restore print screen of all sizes.

Quick and Efficient

• Easy to use with only few parameter and start/ stop buttoms.
• Quick preparation for clean /restore screens.
• Screen will be ready re-use like fresh screen directly after cleaning.
• The stripped-off screen can also be as good as new and to be used for half tones or fine lines

Safe and Healthy environment

• No more use of chemicals for cleaning screens.
• Cleaning process is only with water.
• Recycling option of waste water to protect from water pollution.
• Automatic stop in case of any human intervention with machine.

Globally recognized efficient components used In AccuREIN add the absolute value to our products.

The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the screen totally clean and ready for immediate use without causing any defect to the rotary screen.

This makes it possible to keep it totally clean at all times ensuring a high and consistent quality and a long lifetime of the rotary screen.

ECOTRON® high pressure pumps are built according to machinery standard 98/37/EG, and pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

The fully automatic cleaning units are designed to clean Nickle screen for re-engraving.
The quick and easy clean operation reduces the time required for conventional chemical stripping without any hazardous chemicals at all. This results in a safe, healthy and clean work environment.
BFT pump has the ability to vary the pressure and control the cleaning process and speed.