It is a high productivity machine, with more outstanding features

Low operating costand energy consumption for metal sheet cutting or any other conductive materials. Smart design enables the easy integration in dynamically moving flat sheet cutting machines.

Precise cuts and positioning accelerations due to machine cinematic based on linear motors.Simple and compact layout. The use of fiber simplifies machine architecture, since the beam is transported through cable. 

Minimum set-up times due to the automatic table change. High cutting and piercing speeds by virtue of the high density beam generated by this solid state laser. 

Low operating cost and energy consumption

Fiber technology enables great production cost reduction associated with energy saving. In addition, a drastic reduction in fixed maintenance costs and consumables are obtained.

ACCUMECH Laser cutting been developed for customers need:

• Low energy consumption.
• Low cost per component.
• Optimized focal distance for all thickness values.
• Maintenance free operation.
• Compact design, fast installation.
• Rigid body structure, high durability.

Accumech laser cutting machines require smart cutting heads for operation

The design of HIGHYAG's new BIMO-FSC cutting head takes all of the special requirements of these lasers into account.

* Best possible performance.
* The range of flexibility and degree of reliability.
* Dynamic laser cutting machines.
* Easy and more safety lock QBH connection
* Upper Protection glass to save optical system
* Lower protection glass to save optical system during cutting and piercing
* Air Blast for better piercing
* Easy-to-change nozzle system

Optical System

Perfectly Focused on Highest Productivity

PESADA laser cutting machines uses an optical system that is set-up modularly. This provides different options for focus control.
Depending on the cutting application, the customers can choose whether they want to control only the focus position using the cutting machine or both the focus position and the focus diameter.

This functionality is realized by the collimation module for controlling the focus. The focus position changes by moving the collimation lens. While the focus diameter can be changed by varying the focal length of the collimation. Independent control of the focus position and diameter makes it possible to cut different sheet thicknesses without manual intervention.

Therefore, productivity can be maximized. In addition to the flexible machine integration, the excellent cut quality is an advantage of the BIMOFSC’s optical design. The laser power-induced focus shift in optical elements is minimal and the imaging quality is diffraction-limited

Laser light cable receiver and cover slide in front of collimation
Collimation module with machine controlled adjustment of focus
Base module with X,Y alignment for centering of focus to nozzle tip
Monitored cover slide for protecting the focusing lens
Cutting nozzle with adapter for using different nozzle types
Cutting Head Controller CHC


Modular optical system allows different options for focus control, from simple to highly integrated:

• Machine controlled adjustment of focus position
• Machine controlled adjustment of focus position and diameter

High process productivity:
• Maximum processing speeds
• Acceleration up to 6 g

Excellent cut quality:
• Laser power induced focus shift is minimized
• Diffraction-limited imaging quality

Flexible machine integration:
• Collimation module can be installed at an angle of 90°
• Interfaces for process monitoring

Cutting Head Controller CHC controls:
• Motorized collimation for machine controlled adjustment of focus position and/or diameter
• Highly responsive capacitive height sensing
• Cover slide monitoring

Simple operation:
• X,Y alignment for centering the focus to the nozzle tip
• Easy consumable exchange

Increased lifetime of optical components:
• Sealed optical system
• Cover slide in front of collimation
• Cover slide under focusing lens with extended cover slide stand-off


Fiber laser standing out for its speed cutting and power consumption efficiency when it is compared with CO2 lasers.

Maximum Productivity

Productivity is key for flat sheet cutting machine operator. PESADA meets this need exactly. It has the capability to adjust the focus position and focus diameter automatically via the CNC. This allows for cutting of different sheet thicknesses without any manual intervention. In combination with the BIMO-FSC’s rapid focus movement on the work piece. efficient flat sheet cutting and maximum productivity are guaranteed.

Cutting Edge Quality

In addition, the cut quality is of particular importance. A determin- ing factor of the cut quality is the optical design. The design of the Laser Head allows for a reduction of the laser power-induced focus shift as well as for diffraction-limited imaging quality being the condition for best cut quality.

Flexible Machine Integration

The modular design enables the easy integration in dynamically moving flat sheet cutting machines. For optimized integration, the Cutting Head Controller(CHC) controls the motorized collimation, the capacitive height sensing and the cover slide monitoring, and it communicates via EtherCAT. In order to reduce the mechanical strain on the laser light cable system, the collimation module can be installed at the angle of 90°.
CHW 162 - 1202

•Mono-block refrigerators for internal and external use supplied with pump and tank designed for water or glycolate cooling systems.
•Especially desiged for welders, inductors, food-packaging machinery, laser cutters, tooling
•machines, die-casting processes, molding and extruding processes of plastic materials,
•aerodynamic pumps, wine-making industry, smelters for the golden industry, packages,
•blisters, laser markers, electro-eroders.
•Various options are available to meet every industrial requirement

ECOmidi 4000