Hypertherm’s mission is to provide customers with the best industrial cutting solutions in the industry. It’s a mission we’ve been committed to since 1968 when Hypertherm founder Dick Couch and colleague Bob Dean discovered a way to create a narrower plasma arc, capable of cutting metal with a speed and accuracy never before seen. Nearly 50 years later, Mr. Couch’s founding principles of customer focused innovation remain strong. More than 10 percent of our Associates work in engineering, leading to many cutting innovations. Innovations like oxygen injected cutting, HyDefinition® plasma cutting, Coaxial-assist TM jet, and LongLife® technologies, just to name a few. It’s why Hypertherm’s plasma, laser, and waterjet systems consistently outperform the competition in cut quality, productivity, and operating costs. And why our customers can cut with confidence.
Abrasive waterjet cutting and pure water only water jet machining is the fastest growing cutting processes for use by manufacturers. The combination of versatility, precision, and productivity has made the KMT intensifier Pumps and cutting nozzles the number one choice for many manufacturers and engineers for cutting everything from plastic to cutting titanium. The lower cost of waterjet cutting systems as compared to laser-cutting systems has also helped popularize the use of water jet machines for ceramic cutting, cutting stone and other hard materials. For decades, pure water jet cutting has also been used to cut a variety types of food cutting, including pizza, produce, cakes, meats and all types of frozen foods.
HSD SpA is a young dynamic company located at the heart of the Pesaro furniture production centre, the home of numerous companies operating in the woodworking sector. A passion for mechanics coupled with a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction has made HSD a thriving company, and a leader in Italy in the production of right angle heads, electrospindles, 5 axis boring machining heads and CNC boring heads for machining wood, aluminium, marble, glass and PVC. PRODUCTS Flexibility. HSD has further expanded its product portfolio in an attempt to improve its response to the increasingly complex needs of the market. The traditional Wood Line has, in fact, now been joined by the Aluminium/Plastics Line and the Marble/Glass Lines. It is not HSD’s intention to be purely a supplier of products, but also a trustworthy partner with a flexible organisation capable of resolving a client’s problems, including on a Customized products.