ACCUMECH water jet is the ideal method for the production of inlays and company logos or the cutting of floor and wall covering elements. It opens up a whole new field for creative designs and solutions.

Waterjet Cutting – Technical Overview

CNC Waterjet cutting uses a very high pressure jet of water up-to 55,000 psi (3930 bar), usually with an added abrasive medium.
Water Jet cutting provides a high thickness range capable of accommodated from 200mm down to 0.1mm and with ace racy of up to 0.05mm over 1m (positional and repeat-ability). 􀀇 The cold process does not heat the parent material, so there is no heat affected zone, burning or surface hardening,. Unbeatable detail to material thickness ratio means very small and precise holes can be cut into very thick material. Surprisingly, Water Jet Cutting competitive pricing beats lasers and milling machines in many circumstance keep on going at thicknesses.

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